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Latest 2016 replica Audemars offering multiple colors

Abby industry unveiled its latest freshness near the SIHH. A stunning QP Royal Oak with blue dial won the appeal and lasting golden color.
Royal Oak was launched in 1972, it was the first stainless steel luxury watch and precise technique, polishing and decoration, looks like a precious metal. Used in the production of steel is very dangerous, but the end result is a great success. It launched innovation is new, very creative. This can be called a new chapter of replica Audemars Piguet, during this period, this watch to explore the depth of the classic and atypical materials: Platinum, carbon, diluted acid, bronze, rubber, ceramics, titanium, tantalum, and so on.
Now copy icon Abby by luxury-watch business to return to its most primitive materials: gold, eternal beauty, energy and light coat of arms together again to break the rules. Since humans first learned how to extract it from the Earth, gold is not only a symbol of power and wealth. For centuries, most alchemical magic table has its warmth, eternal embrace.
New Royal Oak perpetual calendar by combining its most romantic and chic complex functions, celebrating the eternal gold charms.
Grande Tapisserie subtle patterns in dial-decorated three-dimensional square-chic table shows us a precise calendar, giving pride of place: the day, month and date display in nine, and three o'clock at noon. Leap year logo, brand Audemars Pigeut watches modern design was introduced in 1955 for the first time, held centre stage at noon. An astronomical moon at six o'clock to find it, one week of the year displayed on the dial, outer chapter ring, adding another layer of time measurement.
Automatic Watch 5134 new movement in gold eternal beauty, through anti-glare light blue back, completely visible, but the warmth of the precious metals the natural glow is completely unfolded. 5134 movement based on its predecessor; however, it has been enlarged in order to perfectly fit updated 41mm case dimensions.
In 1984, part of the new design inspired by Jacqueline Catherine demier. The original launch of 279, 229 were luxuriously mounted in gold.
Adventurous and ambitious 2016 Royal Oak leading luxury watch back to extraordinary version, it will win amazing prizes.

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